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All of our staff hold Paediatric First Aid, food hygiene and Safeguarding qualifications which they have regularly updated. Any new starters will be sent on courses to gain these qualifications within 6 months of joining us. 
We promote healthy lifestyles at Kingfisher Day Nursery Didsbury, from the importance of cleaning our teeth, to ensuring that all our children have outdoor access each day and physical activity throughout the week. 
Staff promote healthy lifestyles. They provide children with a good range of nourishing and nutritious food, and encourage regular exercise through weekly sports sessions 
Ofsted March 2018 

Maintaining a healthy environment for your child 

Kingfisher Day Nursery Didsbury believes that a clean environment is a healthy and safe environment; to this end we employ 2 cleaners and a caretaker. All rooms are cleaned daily and deep cleaned twice weekly. Our caretaker ensures that all general maintenance is carried out promptly and the whole nursery is redecorated annually. 
At Kingfisher Day Nursery Didsbury we strongly believe that a healthy balanced diet is essential for growth and development in under 5’s. A good diet and healthy menu will help to give your child the best start in life. With the help of our fulltime chef we always provide fresh, balanced meals to the children. All meals are freshly prepared on the premises. Our menus are varied and every day contains the 5 a day. We encourage our children to explore different foods from around the world and challenge their palates with new tastes and textures. We are able to cater for a full range of dietary requirements whether the child’s needs are medical or parental preferences. 

Good food throughout the day 

Here at Kingfisher Day Nursery Didsbury we know that a good breakfast sets our children up for the day, so to get our children off to a flying start, we offer a variety of non-sugared cereals, fresh fruit, with a choice of milk or water to drink. 
At lunch time we serve a hot and balanced meal that has been cooked on the premises by our chef. Tea time again sees a healthy meal prepared on the premises by our chef, from fish cakes, to soups and sandwiches. 
Please see examples Kingfisher Day Nursery Didsbury’s four week menus below. There are also recipes to allow you try out the food at home with your families and if a child has a particular favourite dish copies of the recipe will be available on request. 
Kingfisher Day Nursery Didsbury holds the highest food hygiene rating available a level 5. 

Encouraging healthy drinking habits 

Throughout the day and at meal times we encourage the children to drink fresh water. Our toddlers and Pre School have access to water fountains throughout the day. We only offer milk or water at meal time. 
If your child has any specific dietary requirements or you would like further information simply get in touch. 

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